Countdown to Closing!

15 Nov

The final walk-through of the house prior to closing is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, 16 November.  It has really been a struggle to get this far.  The time since we’ve started this deal has stretched out so long and now that the actual closing is less than a week away it is really hard to believe!  Let me tell you though it has been something else getting a mortgage  too.  I’m all for stricter rules on financing since that was the huge contributor to our  mortgage meltdown that we experienced in 2007.  However you have to give up practically a blood sample, DNA and produce a first born child in order to get approved!  The first night we met with our mortgage broker we provided him about a ream of paper to submit to the underwriter.  A few days later the mortgage broker wanted to see proof that we’d paid our homeowner’s dues so we gave him a copy of the cancelled check.  The underwriter thought well maybe that was a  monthly payment only so we had to request a letter from the Treasurer of the HOA to write stating what the annual dues are and that we are paid up current.  Believe me this is just one example of all the minute details that they look for now.  Again I don’t really mind, I’m all for improving the housing crisis as a whole but for those of us that are trying to do just that by purchasing a new house it is rather frustrating.  Now for the other issue.  The selling agent placed stagers in the house that we’re buying.   Apparently this is a relatively new thing.  Real estate agents place these said stagers in a home that is about to be foreclosed or else has already been foreclosed.  They choose people who have nice furnishings and need someplace to stay and either let them live in the house for free or else charge them a very low rental price as a trade-off for staging the home.  That way when potential buyers come see the house it’s all set with furniture and decorative items so that it’s easier to visualize how it would look once you move in and the other benefit is that the home is lived in!  With all the empty foreclosed homes on the market it creates an environment that invites vagrants to come in and squat or else vandalize the house.  So all in all staging sounds like a good idea right?  But who in their right mind would want to move all your stuff every few months.  I can’t think of anything worse.  That’s the part I dread of this whole exciting process is the actual packing and moving and unpacking, yuck!  So I digress.  Anyway our situation is that the stagers have a really sweet deal going for them and don’t want to move out.  They’re paying a little bit of rent and they’ve got a nice place to live and let me tell you this house is full of stuff, huge furniture pieces, tons of decorative items and about four rooms and the entire garage full of just boxed up stuff.  It’s way more than we have to move into the house.  We started sensing this would be an issue when I showed up the first day with the inspector to do the whole house inspection and they refused to let me in the house!  With the walk through day set for tomorrow we started doing recon missions on Saturday, driving by the house hoping to see a U-Haul or a moving truck or some signs of moving activity.  Nothing on Saturday or Sunday.  I went by again yesterday and saw no signs of anyone packing or moving.  Today our real estate agent did his own recon mission and then texted back that indeed a moving truck was at the house!  Terrific news!  So it looks like we are on track for the walk through.  Stay tuned to see how it goes tomorrow!

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