To Close or Not to Close…

21 Nov

To close or not to close – that is the question.  We are scheduled to close on Wednesday of this week and the stagers are still in the house.  They have moved some things but we don’t know if they’ll be out by tomorrow evening or not.  We went by there yesterday to check out the progress and saw the male tenant outside.  Like I said earlier they are an elderly couple and he has some sort of health issues.  He was working on the battery in his truck and looked up when we walked over and removed the oxygen line that he is using.  Good grief, I feel bad for these people but I’m not kicking them out.  They are not the homeowners who have fallen on bad luck.  They arranged to ‘stage’ and ‘housesit’ this house until it sold, but I felt so bad to see this old guy with his oxygen tank and truck trouble.  I suggested to my husband that maybe we could replace his truck battery for him or something and my husband wanted to as well, but then he wasn’t sure how the guy would accept our offer so I’m not sure what to do.  Again we are not the ones who chose the week before Thanksgiving to close.  It was the bank who is holding the mortgage who dictated the deadline.  We are not trying to kick the old couple out of the house.  They agreed to do this house staging gig, but I still feel really bad for them.  Now we have to decide what to do if we go over there tomorrow and they’re still in the house.  Do we close and go on good faith that they’ll get out of the house eventually and not destroy anything on the way out, or do we pospone closing until they’re out and risk the bank foreclosing on the house if we miss the November 23rd deadline?  Maybe things will just work out and they’ll have packed their last items by the time we go over there tomorrow evening.  One can only hope.

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