We finally closed, can you believe it!!

28 Nov

It seems as if the stars are aligned and perhaps with all the rain we’ve had lately a patch of four leaf clovers sprouted in our back yard.  We’ve also had ladybugs in the bathroom again.  Whatever the reason for good luck it found us on Wednesday!  We finally were able to close on our new house.  It was the day before Thanksgiving but finally with all the problems, delays and stager issues we now own the house!  If you’ve been following our stager issues we went over to the house on Tuesday night and they were still packing and moving so we had to close on good faith that they would be out on Wednesday.  We went over to the house after taking ownership at the closing with nervous stomachs not wanting a confrontation with these people but sure enough they were still there, still packing at least.  Come on they have been packing and moving for over 10 days and have had 30 days notice to vacate.  We arrived at the house at 4:00 p.m.   My husband proceeded to begin changing the locks and securing the house and finally I suppose they realized we weren’t going to continue to be obliging.  So they left a bunch of stuff and finally got out of there.  Like I said earlier I feel bad for these people because it seems like they’ve been in a run of bad luck and ill health.  However my feeling sorry for them waned once we got there and they were still there after closing.   Our extended family met us there so that we could show them the house.  It was trashed!  They left a lot of stuff behind and it was filthy, leaves and everything inside, nothing had been cleaned and they’ve been living there.  They hadn’t bothered to wipe their feet and the carpet was completely covered in all the downstairs rooms with muddy boot tracks.  Side note is that we were planning to change the carpet anyway, but what if we weren’t?  It’s trashed now.  The worst thing and why I’ve lost patience with them is that they let their dog defecate all over the house, can you believe that?  Who does that?  Who disrespects a house like that?  My first housekeeping task was to pick up a Big Gulp size plastic cup of dog poop; it was in every room.  I mean did they do it on purpose?  Anyway that is all behind us now and for the first time we can be truly excited about beginning the renovations and moving into the new house!

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