Advent Calendars

14 Dec

Advent calendars were not a tradition we observed in my family, but they were a big deal in my husband’s family.  Maybe it was the German influence from the years they lived over there.  My mother in law would give every family member an advent calendar each year when the Christmas season began.  It was a thin cardboard type pictorial calendar containing a chocolate candy that you could punch out from December 1 up until December 25.  If you’ve ever seen the classic movie ‘Christmas Vacation’ they had a large calendar that looked like a house with a window that opened for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  Each window depicted a different Christmas scene.  My husband wanted an Advent Calendar that would combine both a beautiful alpine style chalet and a place to hold chocolates.  We searched for a long time and never found just the right thing that would suit him so he built one himself.  The calendar shown here is now our own heirloom Christmas Advent calendar.  He made this completely free handed with no patterns or instructions at all.  He designed it and crafted the entire piece and we completely love this house.  The added bonus is that behind each day’s door we have two Godiva truffles, one for each of us, that we enjoy during the 25 days leading up until Christmas.  Start this tradition of having an Advent calendar whether you want to get creative and make one or buy one.

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