The Beauty of a Subfloor…

4 Jan

The first thing we did was tear out all the nasty old carpet that was in the house, yes, I mean EVERY room.  We cut the sections out with a box cutter and rolled it up and taped it together.  A container had been dropped off earlier and we proceeded to cart out all the rolls of carpet.  Let me tell you that was a workout.  Carpet is heavy.  And the rolls were so long that we couldn’t get them around the stairwell so they had to go out the back door and all the way around the house!  We got our cardio and upper body workout!  Then  I took a crowbar and pried out the carpet tack strips.  One of the contractors who had been by earlier to give an estimate on a job mentioned this nifty tool called a floor scrape.  Super tip!  That little gem allows you to scrape up any stuck carpet and all the staples that hold in the carpet padding without having to bend over!  My back needed the break.  Thanks to the contractor for the tip!  You really can’t appreciate a bare concrete floor unless you had the carpet we did that had the previous stagers, aka squatters’ dog’s poop all over it.  Now we have a freshly cleaned concrete floor in the basement, lovely!!!  Look how much lighter it is withoug having that awful black carpet.  I wouldn’t choose black carpet for a basement!

One Response to “The Beauty of a Subfloor…”

  1. Melanie Harrison January 5, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    Huge difference! Looking good!

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