Tile work is Complete…

17 Jan

The last of the tiles have been selected.  This is what I picked for the master bath.  All tile work is now complete except for tiling around the jacuzzi tub once it arrives and is installed.  The solid white jacuzzi bath won out over the high tech tub by the way.  It was a difficult choice, but plain white it is!  It took about three weeks total to do all the bathrooms.  Our tile installer was just phenomenal.  He was so meticulous and he and his crew worked really diligently.  I never had to stay on them about anything.  In fact I felt like it was me, at times, who was holding them up!  I am going to start a list of preferred contractors on my main page for “Home Renovations”.   One of the most difficult parts of a renovation is finding good contractors and it’s always prudent to use someone who has been thoroughly vetted by someone you know and to be able to look at the quality of work first hand.  Watch for that list to be built and added to as we go through the process.  Hopefully it will help if you need someone for work in the future.  The minor roof repairs are complete.  I have chosen the contractor to do the gutter work and am working on scheduling that.  According to my project plan though I need to do my stucco work first so next up is to schedule the stucco repair then the gutter work.

One Response to “Tile work is Complete…”

  1. Melanie Harrison January 17, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it all!

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