Planning a User Friendly Kitchen…

24 Jan

It is time to start planning the kitchen design now.  I’m attaching pictures of ‘before’ and pictures of ‘during’ which show the demolition.  Now this is the fun part – planning the ‘after’!  It’s great to plan every detail but it’s also a lot to think about.  I am trying to think of everything that is inconvenient in my kitchen now and design it better this time.  In a lot of my cabinets I have to practically unpack them to get to something that is in the back or nested 8 frying pans deep and I HATE it.  This time I am putting in more drawers to accomodate big pieces like large frying pans and dutch ovens.  I also am planning to put in appliance garages for my coffee center and hugely heavy Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  It is so heavy to get out but I love using it, but it has to be a labor intensive cake to warrant heaving that heavy sucker out or else I just get the little hand mixer!  The original kitchen design was bad in that the kitchen sink was way over in the ‘L’ island by the breaksfast room so you had to walk quite a ways to get to the refrigerator or even farther to get to the cooktop.  My plan is to relocate the sink to about mid way of the new island and install a prep sink right next to my range so that chopping and washing can occur steps away from the pan that I”ll use.  I am a big user of my kitchen so I want the workspace to be very fluid and friendly.  I also want to have at least 3 working stations so that during holidays and parties someone other than myself can work and prepare without us bumping into each other.  This is also a big reason for installing the prep sink.  Tomorrow I meet with the cabinet contractor and we’ll start working through the design!

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