Back online and blogging…

5 Feb

Move In Phase II was completed last weekend but resulted in us being offline for almost a week.  If you’ve missed my posts, and hopefully you have, we are now happily back up and running and now I can catch you up on what’s going on.  Move In Phase II enabled us to get moved into the basement of the new house.  We brought over our bare essentials such as a few clothes and toiletry items, a handful of dishes and pieces of cookware, electronics, some food and our cats.  It’s been a rough week all around.  We have been working feverishly to get semi settled into these temporary accommodations.  My husband has been focused on setting us back up online and getting us TV so we can at least keep up with the news and hopefully at the end of the night reward ourselves with one hour of TV before we crash with exhaustion.  There’s really no worry that we don’t have anywhere to sit besides one straight chair that we pulled out of the storage items and our camp chairs because we never have any downtime until we finally collapse at the end of the night!  The move is harder on our cats though.  The Siamese is really resilient and coping better than expected but has been vocalizing her displeasure with such lacking accommodations with howling that loud Siamese howl at the top of her lungs and creating an echo of howling due to the emptiness of the basement.  The other cat is just terrified.  He’s been hiding under and between anything he could find.  The first day I found him huddled between the wall and a stack of insulation.  A couple of days later he had found his way into the wall cutout where the old TV was and behind that wall was a hole in the sheet rock that he decided looked safe so he jumped through there and ended up in the area between the dry wall and the basement foundation wall.  Once we finally found him we were afraid that he’d injured himself by jumping in there and was unable to get himself out.  Rather than traumatizing him further by sawing out the section of drywall with a power tool my husband ripped it out in sections by hand so that the noise would be minimal.  The cat came shooting out of the area completely uninjured but rather miffed that we’d disturbed his private hideout!  Their poor meows are beginning to sound hoarse since they’ve been meowing so much.  The week ahead for me begins with packing up everything else at our old house.  Note the terminology shift from ‘home’ and ‘new house’ to ‘old house’ now!  My goal is to have the old house completely packed up and all contents relocated to the new house for storage in the basement.  Then any touch up painting will be done as well as a thorough cleaning.  We should be ready to list the house with the realtor at that point.  I plan to be at that point after two weeks.  Stay tuned for more exciting posts now that we are here to do more work and really can begin to see the transformation.  This gets you caught up on what was happening while we had gone dark last week…

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