I Met the Police Today…

8 Feb

I had to do some work this morning before going over to the old house to pack.  I was planning to pack the closets and dresser drawers and was not the least bit excited about starting that chore.  Since we’ve been lucky enough to be enjoying a six-week rally in the stock market I wanted to do some trades so I spent my morning preparing what I needed for work so that I’d be ready by 9:30 when the market opened.  By about 11:00 I was through with placing my orders so I packed up the car and got ready to go over to the old house.  After I’d thrown my coat, purse, water and Coke into the car I noticed that the foreman for the gutter crew that had started work this morning was checking on their progress.  I needed to check in with him and tell him about a small roof repair that I also wanted him to take care of.  Before I realized it 30 minutes had gone by with us talking about the gutter replacement, discussing whether to install the gutter topper screens and all that.  I then got in the car to leave and my cell phone immediately rang with my husband on the other end sounding frantic and asking me if I was OK.  I told him yes and he wanted to know where I’d been for the last 30 minutes.  I thought OK why are you acting weird but told him I had been out in the yard talking to the gutter repair crew.  Apparently our house alarm had been tripped and the monitoring company called him and told him it was going off.  He told them not to dispatch a policeman that he was sure everything was OK.  When I didn’t answer the house phone or my cell phone he got a little more worried.  Thanks to the nifty little app that the iPhone 4S now has that can track you via a GPS he could tell that I, at least my phone, was at the house.  Yeah I know the app is a little disturbing in that someone knows where you are if they look at the app like if I say Baby I’m going to the gym and happen to detour by the Macy’s one day sale.  I could check on him the same way but just don’t bother!  Anyway since I was not answering either phone, the GPS showed my phone was at the house and the alarm had tripped he was worried.  I also had mentioned to him earlier that the gutter repair crew showed up a day early.  Once we spoke and I checked my phone I had 17 missed calls and 5 voice mails and he had left work and was in transit to come and rescue me!  I figured I better turn around and head back to the new house to ward off the police but they called me in the car before I could get back.  They relayed to me what had happened and I told them I had just found out from my husband what was going on and I was coming back home.  I fleetingly thought if this had been a real emergency I could have been tied up in my basement with a bad guy forcing me to say this and the police would be none the wiser!  During this whole incident no blaring alarm horn was sounding at all.  I could hear nothing on the outside of the house so I don’t know if the alarm was blaring inside and I couldn’t hear it or if it just sent the signal to the monitoring company.  Anyway I’m pulling back into the neighborhood and there are two police cars flanking both entrances of our driveway.  Uh oh I thought.  I rolled down my window and smilingly told them it was me and everything was fine.  I got out and talked to them and they were so extremely nice and concerned.  Then they said they had to check my ID.  They wanted to make sure it was really me, so then my fears earlier about being trapped in the basement with a bad guy were soon allayed.  I can understand their anxiety when they looked in the front windows and saw an empty house with no furniture or even flooring, nothing that looked like anyone was living here and a crew of construction workers outside.  I’m sure they were thinking that something’s off here; this doesn’t look right….They finally felt like everything was fine and I was in no danger and was who I said I was and I thanked them profusely for their diligence and apologized for the inconvenience and they went back to other more important business.  The poor guys working on the house however were practically shaking in their boots.  They told me that they were sitting in their truck taking a break, drinking a coke and two cops come up alongside their truck windows asking questions.  They gave them my name and cell phone number and they told me that the police had already checked to find out if we were truly the homeowners before I even arrived back here to make sure that things were settled.  They were apologizing thinking they had set the alarm off inadvertently by hammering on the outside of the house and commented on how a similar situation occurred at another home and the police never did come.  So despite all the drama I feel very secure in knowing that our police here react very promptly and efficiently!  Good to know!  Whew talk about a drama filled morning!!!

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