Like Our Lean To?

29 Feb

I am so happy about this Lovely Entrance to our Basement….NOT!  The original door was in bad shape and needed to be replaced along with the door frame that had substantial wood rot.  I ordered the door and had it here and scheduled a handyman to come in and hang it.  He took out the old door, removed all the frame boards and threshold and then a light bulb came on in his head that oh crap this is a 6 inch door jamb and a 4 inch door.  Information that would have been nice to know prior to removing everything.  You’d think in a place the size of the ATL that you could go to any store and grab a standard 6 inch jamb exterior door.  Apparently they’re not all that standard.  The order was scheduled for delivery in 2 weeks.  We had torrential rains scheduled for the following day so he had to patch back in the original door and frame, hence the look.  Featured here is a whole can of Great Stuff that provides some insulation.  To top off the look is a piece of plywood hung above suspended by a lovely neon green cord to divert the rain water runoff from the upper deck, that still has to be fixed.  Can’t wait for this one to get fixed.  Thought you’d enjoy this picture!

2 Responses to “Like Our Lean To?”

  1. BStrickland February 29, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    All it’s missing is bailing twine!

  2. asoutherngirlsguideto February 29, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Why didn’t I think of suspending it with the bailing twine…perfect!

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