Kitchen sample colors and fabrics…

12 Mar

The kitchen cabinets have arrived and have been installed as you saw in my last post and are in the process of being painted and stained now.  I am so excited about how it is coming together.  Cecelio had installed the cabinets the day before and I had gone out to run some errands while the electrician was doing some work.  I came back and there were two more vans in the driveway and a 4 man crew that had already removed half of the new cabinet doors and were prepping them for paint.  Ah the joyous sounds of construction!  One end of the house had the electrician’s country music playing and in the kitchen was Mexican music!  The sounds of progress indeed!  The paint color for the island came out exactly as I had hoped.  I had found a color that I wanted and Marco and I went to the paint shop to get it mixed.  After two days the paint shop called with a sample and it was perfect, absolutely perfect.  I was afraid that it would look more like it was ‘paint’ and I want a ‘wash’ or ‘glaze’ look.  Marco is super talented with his painting processes.  They have scheduled 8 days to paint the kitchen because there are so many steps involved.  They spray the first coat on then they do the glaze by hand, wipe it partially off, let it dry, sand by hand and then redo it all.  It’s just beautiful when they’re through.  The wood stain is for the perimeter wall and base cabinets.  The greenish, grayish wash is for the island.  Our breakfast room furniture is on order.  The wood sample for that is shown in the drawer picture below and the fabric swatch is what the chairs at the breakfast table will have as their cover.  It’s really looking like a kitchen now!!

One Response to “Kitchen sample colors and fabrics…”

  1. BStrickland March 12, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Wow, everything is really coming together! I love the color and fabric choices!

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