Much ado about a vent hood…

14 Mar

When I picked out the new kitchen appliances I changed the configuration from the current double oven and separate cooktop with a 4 inch down draft vent to a one piece range that had an upper vent.  I ran this by the HVAC guys when they were here and they said that it was possible to convert it and run a new pipe.  Well it got sort of complicated.  Since there is an upstairs over the kitchen the vent pipe had to be run through the second floor and clear out the roof in order to properly vent.  We mapped out where it would go and luck was with us in that the area right above the range where the pipe would come out upstairs was directly in the corner of the landing at the top of the stairs.  Not bad, we can just do some creative drywall and cover it up.  I was not expecting the huge parts that were involved in making this little deal work.  Check out the parts as they were sitting in the kitchen and garage.  It looks like they’re putting in a whole new HVAC unit.  This is the 10 inch pipe coming out upstairs and exiting through the roof line.  The one plus is that my husband used that opening in the walls and between the two floors to run all his LAN and HDMI cables to the second floor so we did get a little extra benefit from having the huge opening.  Just a little too much sugar for the dime on this one…

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