Some Things are Hard to Part With…

24 Mar

My husband has dragged this motorcycle around with us since we closed down his parents’ home several years ago.  This was his dirt bike when he was a kid and has many fond memories of riding this thing around, spinning out, doing wheelies, whatever kids do.  The way my husband drives today I can only imagine how he rode this bike.  Thank goodness he survived it!!  This lovely relic has been in our storage room for four years taking up prime real estate.  Every time we had to go to the unit to get decorations or anything we had to roll this thing out of the way to reach whatever pile of stuff we were in search of.  Moving the bike however is a two person job.  One person rolls the bike out and the other person follows alongside hunched over carrying a pan to catch the oil that continues to seep out of the motor.  How oil can continue to leak after 20 years is baffling…where does it come from?  How much oil can be in that reservoir when it leaks continuously!!  Anyway we continued this exercise each and every time we made a trip to the unit and I’d cuss the bike and swear that I was going to put it out in the trash and he’d always say how he wanted to keep it and such.  So you can imagine my surprise when we had our last dumpster load taken away that he actually chose to part with the bike.  I couldn’t believe it.  I almost wanted to keep it because he always put up such a fuss about it.  I guess he decided it’s time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of some things that we’ll never use again!!

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