A Travertine Reboot…

15 Apr

This was a decision that came a little late in the game because when we got the house everything looked so bad that the travertine in the hall and foyer looked great so we thought let’s keep it.  It was one less thing to have to do so that was our original plan but after all the other new flooring was installed the existing tiles looked bad.  To begin with they were not installed with the precision and expertise that Chris has with his work.  The more familiar you become with floor installation the more noticeable these things are.  First off travertine has a much smaller grout line than does ceramic or porcelain tile or even slate.  It is typically installed with a 1/16 or a 1/8 inch grout line, very tiny, and unsanded grout is used instead of the typical sanded grout.  The more we looked at the existing floor the more we thought we would regret keeping it.  Everything else is new and fresh and done right but this floor had huge grout lines and it was uneven.  If you stood at the bedroom door and looked down the hall to the kitchen you could see the waviness in the lines and the cuts were uneven.  There would be a 4 inch piece on one side and on the other side would be a little chip so we decided to 86 the floors and do it right.  When the tile crew tore out the old tile the foyer came out as expected.  You could see some residue from the previous thin set but it was pretty much a flat surface.  The hallway, on the other hand, came out in huge chunks.  It looked like the surface of the moon and just awful.  They had to pour a concrete layer as well as leveling compound to adjust for all of the unevenness – just a huge ordeal.  Here are the pictures of the ‘before’ travertine, the concrete floor of the ‘betweens’ and the new ‘after’.

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