Color Palette Choices…

30 Apr

The whole house color palette is now selected and the painting is under way.  Here are the colors I went with.  Choosing the paint color is always a tough one.  It really is a good idea to go ahead and get the little sample sizes and paint a section of the wall with it just to check if you’re the least bit uncertain.  One of the colors that I really liked ended up looking totally grey when it was on the wall, not a sage green like I wanted so it got scrapped, but the color swatch didn’t show up the grey that much.  I think contrast is good between your wall, floor and furniture colors.  You want what’s in the room to stand out against the palette of color that is the wall.  I wanted a subtle change of color from room to room.  My idea with the colors I chose was to have earthy, but soft shades, a couple of rooms in the dark brown, but only where light would allow a dark painted wall.  I also wanted to keep them in a warm tone to go with my Tuscan theme.  I am showing the full palette first.  Next are the three darkest shades.  The darkest brown is the library wall color, then the master bathroom and the living room, dining room and foyer.   In the next palette the first color shown is the hall and stairwell color.  This lighter green is also on the rounded parts of the ceiling in the foyer and living room that offsets the darker sage of the walls.  The silvery blue color is for one of the guest bedrooms and bath.  The third color here is probably my favorite.  It is the color for the den, kitchen, laundry and upstairs landing.  It is a very soft green/grey tone depending on the lighting.  It goes great with the stone in the den.  The last color palette shows the colors for the master bedroom and the rest of the guest bedrooms and baths.  The off white shade is what I used for the top ceilings just to give a little variation from ceiling white to make the crown moulding pop somewhat.   I picked ten different colors for the whole house and only one of them ‘Beach House’ was a no go.  It just looked sort of muddy when it was on the wall so it was replaced with the Buff.  Like I said try it on a wall in different types of light before you paint the whole room.  One bonus to painting our bathroom dark brown is that it has ‘fixed’ our window issue.  I have not been in love with the beveled glass windows in the bathroom because they have a mauve glass pane in them, but after painting the walls brown the mauve panes actually take on that shade and look brown now!!  Good thing, because we were headed for new windows….now my husband won’t have to know that!!

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