Cabinets with a smidge of Chocolate…

2 May

When we were first building the cabinets for the kitchen and bath I was trying to decide between whether to do the kitchen in the french country white or not and it was a tough decision, but I chose to do the green/grey stain but I still wanted something in the french country white so we did that in our bathroom.  Marco, our painter, was saying it was very easy to do the white and that the kitchen stain was going to be the tricky one, but after they got that right on the first try I was amazed.  It seemed to me like the white paint and glaze took a lot longer to get just right.  The first sample board looked muddy and there was too much brown.  They used a white base coat and then applied a chocolate glaze to it, but then the brown lines looked too stark and that wasn’t right either.  They ended up thinning the chocolate glaze way down and removing most of it when they applied it.  Now we have just a definition of color in the panels of the cabinets and I think it’s just right.  It took us about 3 sample boards to get here but here’s the finished look!  See what I mean about the brown walls?  The mauve window panes look a little better!  I can’t wait to actually use the new bathroom.  For a girl who enjoys a tub bath I have really missed it since we’ve been in our basement quarters all this time.  I want a long tub bath with a glass of wine and some chocolate!

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