Hired out to be tough…

2 May

I have worn many hats during this renovation – general manager, designer, project manager…now it’s time to switch gears yet again and put on my contractor hat.  Yes, my husband and I are going to install the hardwood floors throughout the house.  We did the floors in our previous home, however we did a guest room, waited a few months, did another guest room, waited a few months, did our master bedroom over a couple of weekends.  This time it’s a big house, fell swoop kind of thing so I’ve got the Aleve ready.  He is taking off work this week and we’ll see how far we get.  We are installing Spanish Walnut floors.  It’s the 5 inch wide boards, 3/8 inch thick and it is the kind that is hand scraped and distressed.  I love the floors.  It is very different from the Brazilian Cherry we had in our other house; those were 3 inches wide and smooth, semi gloss.  It’s a job….let’s see how it goes….These are the times when my upbringing comes in handy!  My Dad had me helping him fix fences on the farm and straighten old nails that we’d pull out of boards and save them for another use.  I have worked long days on the farm but this is a little different (and we’re a tad bit older!).  It’s the leaning over and squatting down that’s a killer.  I’ll keep you up to date on our list of injuries, or progress should I say!  Here we are at work and you can see a section of completed floor!!

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