Hardwood hell….

7 May

Ok it’s Monday and my husband has gone back to work (Shh..thank goodness!).  We finished our whirlwind week of hardwood floor installation.  We did not get nearly as much done as we had hoped, but we still have a lot of contractors here working and that always takes a lot of time out of your day to answer questions and coordinate things.  We did complete the travel room, one stairway landing, the upstairs loft, upstairs hall and guest retreat.  We dry laid one of the guest bedrooms so it’s ready to nail down.  Not too shabby.  My husband literally did not leave the house for four days.  If we needed to run to the store and go out and pick up food, I’d go (smart!) and he’d stay here and keep on working.  I literally worked through the fingers of my gloves.  Look at the picture – crazy!  Can you say “Girl you need to get your nails did, bad!” and could I ever use a Mary Kay Satin Hands treatment.  There is nothing on me that isn’t sore.  One forearm is bruised from carrying 50 pound boxes of wood, the other forearm is covered in poison ivy because when I wasn’t doing floors I went outside and pulled weeds and got in poison ivy somehow.  Scott has said many times that he’d rather have me around to help him carry something heavy or move something than some of the guys at work.  I am pretty strong for my size, but ….We worked 12 hour days almost every day for 10 days now to get these floors in.  I am now proficient in two different pneumatic nailers!  We rewarded ourselves Sunday night by getting a couples massage.  When they asked what areas I wanted the to concentrate on I’m like really…everything hurts, from my hands to my feet.  I was counting down the last couple of days to get to that massage!  We have always been big on doing house projects but I think this may be my last DIY, at least one of this size!!  Geez…. I want my husband to know that I don’t mind working for our dream house so hopefully he got the message!  We are going to keep trudging along but our boot camp is done.  Woo hoo!  Not bad productivity for a couple of IT professionals/stock traders!

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