Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

I want to wish all you Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day today!  You deserve it!  Enjoy some extra attention from your kids today!  We are sharing Mother’s Day with you today and are celebrating our anniversary.  Yes it’s been 17 years!  We have been on a gift hiatus since we bought the house – no gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries or anything for at least the next five years probably!!!  But that’s OK.  We are enjoying our gift of the new house!  My husband went out and got breakfast for us this morning – yummy bagels from the shop down the road.  He also gave me a lovely pair of new gloves 🙂 since I’d worn through the old ones (the pic I showed you in the last post).  But did I ever need those and won’t we laugh about this years later when I remind him about the work gloves I got on our 17th anniversary!!  So no fancy dinners or candlelight cocktails this year.  I need one more cup of coffee then it’s time to put on dirty jeans and my new gloves and get back to installing floors!!

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