Happy Memorial Day!

28 May

I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I am very excited about having some new people following my blog so I thank you for checking it out and hope that it keeps you interested!  Let’s give a shout out to all of our active armed forces as well as all veterans today.  That’s the true reason behind this holiday after all so thank you for your service!!  We are blessed to have all of you serve.  While most everyone this weekend was enjoying BBQ, beach trips, laying out by the pool or just some down time there was no rest for the weary here.  The project plan has us three weeks out from completion of the renovation so there is not a minute to waste.  Our projects for the weekend included me faux painting the powder room and my husband tackling creating a cedar closet.  We had a nice sized closet at the upstairs landing that would be great for a central place we could share for coats or nice outfits that you don’t wear much.  I had always thought a cedar closet would be neat so my husband built it out complete with corresponding cove and corner moulding that matches with the hardwood floors.  The original wallpaper in the powder room was pretty and I had intended to keep it.  It was a metallic brown and had a little blue in it.  The style was a little too Oriental for the house but it was pretty and I wasn’t going to change it until I couldn’t clean it.  So ended up we stripped the paper but I was able to keep the ceiling paper original and chose a faux finish to coordinate with it.  So the whole theme of the powder room was to match the ceiling paper.  I did a technique called Old World Impressions Fresco which included four steps – textured finish, base paint, metallic glaze then final glaze.  We got it done and here are the before and afters of both.

One Response to “Happy Memorial Day!”

  1. Ruth May 30, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Wow Amy!!! It’s been too long since I’ve checked out your blog – you guys have done so much work (and so much posting) It’s really coming together!! I know you must be so excited!

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