Blitz week is finished!

15 Jun

Believe it or not we are actually on the countdown to moving upstairs at long last.   The past two weeks were hugely productive and we have completed everything necessary in order to move in.  Exterior painting, HVAC rework, last bit of drywall repairs, paint touch-up, stone front steps, interior blinds, hardwood floors, last bit of electrical, stair balusters and rails all wrapped up yesterday!!    We have come a long way so next up start looking for posts on all before and after pictures.  I’ve shown some reveals all along but am almost ready now to post them all.  Our move in date is Monday!  The house was cleaned today and I can’t tell you how nice it is to smell fresh cleaner smells instead of paint and epoxy.  It’s a good thing I’m a beach person and don’t mind having dirty feet because that’s what it’s been like living here.  It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of the shower and dressed in clean clothes, by the time you walk around upstairs your feet have a light coat of dust all over them and your flip-flops have that dusty toe outline – and that’s from being inside, not out in the sand!  After the end of long days, once in a while I’d drag myself upstairs carrying a towel, nightgown and a glass of wine, wearing flip-flops like I was going to a public shower to take a few minutes of relaxation in the bath tub.  It was worth it though, believe me, but I am ready to start living normally again and having a clean and orderly home.  So two days of little details to attend to, I need to finalize the furniture placement of the things we’re moving from the old house and then 8:00 am Monday we move!  I certainly had moments along the way where I was super excited about this house but couldn’t quite emotionally let go of our old home.  That home holds a lot of great memories and we poured a lot of ourselves into fixing it up, but we are now attached to this house and plan to start making happy memories here as well.  We already have during this process.  I had planned that we’d have a house-warming party as soon as we are unpacked and settled, but right on the heels of that I think we’ll be hosting a wedding reception.  Yes, my sister-in-law is getting married and I think we’re having the reception here.  That will be so much fun!!  We love to entertain so what better opportunity?

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