It’s Move In Eve!!

17 Jun

After a year of negotiating the short sale and waiting for it to be final, six months of renovations and four  months of basement dwelling we are moving upstairs tomorrow!  It’s hard to believe it’s actually here; it seems I’ve been in a planning stage and talking about this for so long, I can’t believe it’s all complete and ready for us to move into.  Today we packed up the last things at the old house and made a couple of trips over here to be ahead of the game tomorrow.  We actually managed to run out of gas during one of the trips, yes, I know – dilby.  The gas gauge read about 1/8 of a tank so I thought we were good to go only to feel that awful shuttering of the car as it eked out the last bit of fuel.  There we were in the middle of three lanes full of traffic.  We managed to push the truck and coast over to the edge of the road and thankfully into a gas station.  We could not have run out in a better spot at least!!  We also learned a new skill today – chandelier repair.  That can be added to the repertoire of skills learned during this process.  I found a great deal on our dining room chandelier at the outlet store, it was discounted more than 50%.  What did it matter that a couple of crystals were missing and a few were barely hanging on?  The lighting store has a big bin of odds and ends parts that you can go through and match up pieces and we managed to find every missing crystal.  We wired them on with 22 gauge steel wire and you seriously would not know that it didn’t come that way.  I was so glad we could fix it; that made the deal that much sweeter!!  Tomorrow is a big day and then I’m sure I’m in for a couple of weeks of unpacking, sorting and organizing, but we are so excited!  I’ll update you later and let you know how the move went!

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