Our Earthy New Exterior…

20 Jul

When we bought the house the exterior was a goldish, yellow color, not bad really, but certainly not my first pick.  My husband adamantly wanted to change the color so we went with the new (or shall I say rebooted) earth tones.  We were choosing from several shades and had the painters put test strips of paint on the house so we could look at it in different light at different times of the day and decide.  I did not think, however, that they would choose the very front wall, closest to the road, for their test paint.  I came in and saw it and nearly choked, expecting to get a letter straightaway from the HOA complaining.  It was really funny because when all the shades were up there together in test strips it looked like camouflage.  I know the neighbors were thinking, Lord, who has moved in next door and please don’t let them paint the house camo!   We loved the brown shades and it seemed to fit with the style of the house.  I was really surprised when my husband came up with the idea to paint the eaves, soffit, fascia and gutters all a dark bronze.  I was resistant at first, but thought that since he’d let me pick out most of the other colors, he could have this choice.  Our painter was really skeptical and kept asking ‘You want to paint all that?”  We even resorted to printing out a picture of the outside and highlighting all the areas that were to be bronze, just to make sure.  As soon as they did the first soffit, I was sold.  We liked it so much that we then went a step further and painted the window sashes all the dark bronze too.  It really seemed to give it an old world feel like they were old, iron windows.  See the original paint color below, then the new paint colors.  Hold on though, something just isn’t quite right is it?  I know.  We painted all our interior trim very bright white which of course dictated that our plantation shutters be the same bright white.  The day the shutters were installed I just loved it, gleaming white shiny wood work looked so fresh and clean, beautiful!  Until I walked outside and looked at the house from the front.  The shutters that I loved from the inside looked way too stark from the outside outlined by all the dark brown.  I felt like I was in a fix as my mind ran through scenarios to correct this.  I thought at first to repaint the dark sashes that we loved a lighter shade so the contrast wouldn’t be so great, but since our windows are casement windows, they are one big piece of glass that rolls out with no panes or anything to break it up, that option would not really tone it down as much as we needed.  I loved the paint from the outside and did not want to change it, but when looking at the house from the outside it just did not work, the white windows were glaring!  It was like staring at someone with too white teeth – you just couldn’t look away – too white, sort of unnatural!  After a couple of weeks of mulling it over and asking friends who came by to look at the house their opinion – who kindly would say they didn’t notice 🙂 we had an epiphany!  Tint the windows themselves!  It would tone down the too white shutters from the outside and give us an added level of energy efficiency.  To top it off we even get a rebate from our electric cooperative for having done so!  Look at the last set of pictures now and see the difference the window tinting made.  There’s only one little bit of white left and don’t worry, it’s going to go away too.  Stay tuned!

One Response to “Our Earthy New Exterior…”

  1. Aunt Jo July 21, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    What an epiphany! Fantastic difference. Who would have thought of tinting.
    I love it.

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