A Potting Shed…

8 Jul

I had a hankering this year for a potting shed!  I don’t know if a love of gardening is one of those things that develops as we grow up or what, but I decided that a potting shed was indeed in order.  I can tell you that as a young girl gardening was a dreaded chore.  We had a four-acre garden, is that even a garden?  I had to spend hours out there picking peas, butter beans, green beans, squash and okra only then to have to peddle my goods at the local grocery store for gas money.  Then, of course, we had to shell and put up all these fresh vegetables that we kept for ourselves.  I didn’t have as much exposure to gardening of the flower variety because my Mother did most of that.  There were times that I’d help her weed the beds or something and of course I hated it.  It interfered with my laying out in the sun time and none of my friends had to do it which made it doubly unbearable.  So to say the least, when I was out on my own, gardening of any variety was the farthest thing from my mind!  My grandparents lived across the street from us and the huge garden was in between our place and theirs.  When I would go to my grandparents’ house, my grandpa would walk me around his yard and show me every last bloom on his tomato plants or whatever else he had growing.  I would try to feign interest in it however, because he was so excited for each tiny bloom!  The first place I lived in on my own was an apartment and I was thankful for no yard work, never even crossed my mind that I would ever entertain wanting to do any.  When my husband and I bought our first house, the interest began to emerge ever so slightly.  I put out a few potted plants at the front door and on the porch.  One of my good friends loved gardening and she tried her best to convert me, and she couldn’t resist from pulling a few unsightly weeds from my front beds when she was over.  After we finished this house however, I started to turn my attention to the neglected landscape.  Most of it was reserved for the professionals who knew what they are doing, but I started to want to dig in the dirt little by little.  I wanted to do my potted plants of course, then, my love of cooking prompted me to think about growing some herbs and maybe some tomatoes!  Hence the need for someplace to do the work surfaced and it became a fun little project to create the potting shed.  My husband built it for me and I painted it to match the house.  We added the flower boxes to dress it up a little and to continue my Tuscan theme outside somewhat.  I stocked it with garden implements and soil, lots of different size pots, and as soon as Easter passed the calendar I was ready to start.  We had a really late Easter this year which made waiting all that much worse, but my grandpa swore that you could never plant prior to Easter because of a chance of a freeze.  Was he ever right!  This was a really cold spring so I waited until I could begin my gardening in earnest!  After my first few times out there I knew that the shed wasn’t sufficient.  I now needed a garden table to actually work on to save my back from all the bending over.  Then I thought, well it would be nice to have somewhere to sit down and cool off while I’m working, so chairs and a cocktail table came next.  My husband bought a hammock years back but we never had anywhere to hang it, so he put it out there near the potting shed.  Beneath our screened-in porch and upper deck is a great little shaded area that beckoned for the potting shed; it’s shaded most of the time and needed something there anyway to fill the space.  I can piddle with my plants and he can chill in his hammock while I work!  I decided to plant mint, oregano, basil, rosemary and tomatoes for my little herb and vegetable garden.  Didn’t want to go hog-wild my first time out of the gate.  It is very manageable!  Funny thing is I watch those tomato plants every day, and when the first little yellow bloom opened I was ecstatic.  I had raised this thing and lo and behold it was going to produce a tomato!  I thought about my grandpa…he would be so excited and he would be willing to walk around with me to check all my plants.  I do indulge myself by showing everyone that comes over my container garden.  Now I can’t wait to eat that first ripe tomato!

Whole area Sitting area Potting shed outside

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