I’m glad you took a moment to check out my blog. I decided to start a blog when my husband and I began the process of buying a home; it soon turned into a huge renovation project so it seemed like blogging about it would help me to share the frustration as well as get input from you on your opinions as to what I want to do with the new house. I am originally from a very small town on the Gulf coast of Alabama. I was born and raised there and loved being a small town girl. My parents were at two opposite ends of the spectrum. Daddy had my sister and me helping to work the cattle farm since we didn’t have any brothers and Mother wanted us to be debutantes. So we obviously had to comply by both’s wishes. Hence we spent our youth with our father teaching us to become expert horse riders, farm hands, cattle drivers, gardeners and tractor drivers while our mother dragged us to the beauty pageant circuit, taught us to be poster girls, no pun inteded, for Emily Post’s etiquette and how to be the perfect Southern cook and hostess. More days than I can remember I would get up at 4:30 in the morning to work cattle with my dad. We would always meet at the cafe downtown at 5:30 a.m. with the crew before we started work. I had to get up at 4:30 though to do my makeup and hair – no joke – it was just somehow ingrained in me since birth. Up at 4:30, dressed and made up, horses caught and saddled and at the cafe by 5:30. A full day of penning cattle and chute work would go by in no time flat. I truly loved spending this time on the farm with my Dad working cattle. When the daylight was over we’d go home unsaddle the horses, wash them down, put away the tack and I’d go in and get showered, changed, redo my hair and make up and be ready for cotillion! Mother would teach us how to pageant walk or how to properly place your foot behind your ankle when sitting. I am serious! But hey it made my sister and me very diversified people! I still love horses and I still love makeup! Now that I am an adult I appreciate having had such a diverse background. It sort of prepares you for anything life may throw at you. That’s why I enjoy throwing fancy parties and then I enjoy working with power tools and doing construction projects around our home. I moved to the big city when I married my husband. We live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA. I do get almost as excited about what new power tool a house project may dictate our purchasing as my husband. Please keep checking my blog and share in this experience of a home renovation with me. I can’t wait to see your feedback and hear your ideas!

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