Buying a Home

Going through the proces of buying a new home was the main reason I decided to start a blog.  I had no idea that buying another house would turn into the process that it has.  First of all I always thought that when my husband and I decided to get a different house we would buy something from a subdivision that was just being built out.  Something new that no one had ever lived in where we could pick our lot and we could pick out colors, countertops, floors, granite etc.  That’s what we did the first time around and it was easy and there were so many choices of great brand new houses on the market.  Plus it was our first time out the gate and we’d never had a house before so shopping for new houses was so much more fun than going into resale houses that smelled musty or like moth balls or stale cigarette smoke.  We have loved our choice and have been in this first house of ours for a long time.  After I received an email listing that showed a house that really piqued my interest we decided to start looking in earnest.  Hence we began our house hunting endeavor indeed.  This was in February 2011.  It is now November 2011 and we’re close to closing the deal on the house, and yes it’s the same house we started looking at in February!  The caveat here is that we did not choose a new house this time around.  We chose a 20 year old house that is a victim of the recession and housing crisis.  This was the last thing I ever envisioned doing.  I had fleeting thoughts before that I’d enjoy buying an older home and remodeling it, but in my mind it was really old like an antebellum home or something.  Never thought I’d ever consider something built in the last 80s or early 90s era.  So this begins the saga of our house buying and our future renovating of our recession victim house.

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