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18 Jul

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve been able to post to my blog.  Sorry for having gone dark for so long, but I’ve been trying to dig out from all the boxes and newspapers!  It took two weeks to unpack everything from the move and another week to partially decorate – put up towel bars, shower curtain rods, etc.  For the last week I’ve been doing finishing touches such as hanging artwork and sorting out things that no longer work in this house that I can donate.  I truly have had no extra time.  It has been a huge task to unpack and settle in and I still can’t believe we are actually living in the house now, not just camped out in the basement!  We have already hosted company this past weekend – my sister and niece were our first out-of-town visitors and I was so glad that they came to check things out and to stay with us.  The posting can truly begin in earnest now.  I was frantically preparing for our move day (a month ago now) and almost forgot to take clean ‘After’ shots.  I literally ran around early the morning of the move before the movers came with everything because I want to show all the clean ‘After’ shots before I show the finished, decorated ‘After’ shots.  Here is the first one – might as well start at the outside and work our way in.  These are the front steps which were ceramic tiles, sort of blah looking, and were damaged by the stagers on their way out.  We replaced the tiles with Hickory flagstone that coordinates with the interior fireplaces and the new darker paint shades on the exterior.

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