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Guest Baths Get a Makeover…Part 2

18 Sep

Our house has been officially ‘Warmed’ now!  I have been off-line lately preparing for our Housewarming party.  We had it this past Saturday so now our home has had its’ first gathering of friends and family en masse!  It is the first of many happy occasions that will be hosted here.  Blogging took a back seat however as I was cleaning, decorating and cooking for the party.  Now I can continue with some updated posts.  This guest bath was really a hodgepodge of color.  The original tile was white which was great, but then they put in an accent row of pink.  To compliment that they also had pink grout in the white floor tiles.  Nothing against pink, it’s a great color and there was a time when my house was filled with mauve and sea foam green.  Sometime recently they had painted over the wallpaper with a bright yellow color.  In preparing to repaint we found several layers of paper underneath and removing them was a nightmare because the paper had been installed without a primer base so it came off in teeny little pieces!  Our plan was to use the darker tiles in this bathroom.  It will probably get the least amount of use by guests so I wanted to use the darker color in here.  There is a skylight in the room so that you do get some bright natural light that helps.  I love this tile though!  I chose to bring out the blue-gray color for the wall paint and then go dark with hardware and cabinetry.

Guest Baths Get a Makeover…Part 1

28 Aug

One of the reasons we wanted a larger house was so that we’d have more room for company when they come to stay with us.  In our old house we had one guest bath so if  more than one set of company stayed at the same time they all ended up sharing the hall bathroom.  There are times when we have a lot of people staying here at once (both sides of the family) so we wanted each space to be unique and comfortable to allow people to feel like they have room to spread out and enjoy their stay.  I almost did the baths in the same tile, but since I found so many different tiles that I loved and had a hard time deciding among them, I thought I would just do each bath in a different style.  That way each could be different and people could choose which room they wanted to call theirs when they are here with us.  Guest bath #1.  The tile was in good shape but it was all just plain high gloss white, definitely what the builder had chosen for a 90s build out.  I chose to keep this room light but warmed it up just a bit with a creamy tile that has a little bit of tan mixed through it.  The counter had a weird angle cabinet that just didn’t work.  I know they were trying to maximize all space but I thought a furniture piece vanity would suit better in here.  I did keep the angled mirror though and my niece actually commented that she liked that because she could get a good view when she’s doing her hair!  We chose to completely demo the bathrooms not tile over the existing tile.  Our tile guy suggested we tile over but in a 20-year-old house there could always be plumbing surprises hiding so we wanted to mitigate anything like that by tearing it all out, inspecting all plumbing thoroughly, then going in with the new stuff.  I highly recommend that because in our master we had a wall completely give way during demo and if we’d tiled over that would have just been a problem lurking waiting to destroy all our new work eventually!!

Tile work is Complete…

17 Jan

The last of the tiles have been selected.  This is what I picked for the master bath.  All tile work is now complete except for tiling around the jacuzzi tub once it arrives and is installed.  The solid white jacuzzi bath won out over the high tech tub by the way.  It was a difficult choice, but plain white it is!  It took about three weeks total to do all the bathrooms.  Our tile installer was just phenomenal.  He was so meticulous and he and his crew worked really diligently.  I never had to stay on them about anything.  In fact I felt like it was me, at times, who was holding them up!  I am going to start a list of preferred contractors on my main page for “Home Renovations”.   One of the most difficult parts of a renovation is finding good contractors and it’s always prudent to use someone who has been thoroughly vetted by someone you know and to be able to look at the quality of work first hand.  Watch for that list to be built and added to as we go through the process.  Hopefully it will help if you need someone for work in the future.  The minor roof repairs are complete.  I have chosen the contractor to do the gutter work and am working on scheduling that.  According to my project plan though I need to do my stucco work first so next up is to schedule the stucco repair then the gutter work.

Woo hoo, Bath Tiles have been Selected…

12 Jan

I have spent so many hours in Floor and Decor trying to decide on tiles for the bathrooms that I think I know half the employees in there and they know me when I walk in the door.  I’m sure they’re all mumbling “Great, there’s that indecisive lady that loiters in here for hours dragging out all our tiles while she mulls over everything only to leave without buying anything!”  The people in Floor and Decor are super friendly and very helpful.  With all the time I spent they never were irritated and answered all my questions and stood around with me as I compared everything and would gladly hold up heavy tiles over and over to the grout samples as I couldn’t decide between Classic Ivory and Colonial Beige!  I am proud to say that now all choices for the bathroom tiles are made!  I went in about three times and made my preliminary lists of about 20 – 25 different choices.  I went in two more times and tried to weed it down.  Finally I ended up with seven finalists and bought samples and took home for my husband to weigh in on.  So here you go, the decisions are…..

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