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A Feline Flip Flop Fetish…

9 Aug

Our cat appears to have developed a flip-flop fetish!  I came in the other day and saw him lying with his paw in my shoe and thought it was so cute, then last night he did the same thing with my husband’s flip-flop.  Very cute!  He likes to lie on them, but is terribly afraid of the sound they make when you are wearing them and walk near him – silly kitties!!


Mis in my sandal












Mis in Scotts flip flop


Navigating a Cat Barf Minefield…

16 May

I woke up this morning and as routine dictates my first two tasks of the day are to feed the cats breakfast and make coffee for us.  I trudged into the kitchen with a duet of meowers following me with their urgent demands for food, flipped on the kitchen lights and got out a can of food for their breakfast.  As I glanced back across the den and hall floors it was a minefield of cat barf, no less than 7 areas where the cats threw up during the night.  I was immediately thankful that I had managed to traverse the minefield without stepping in any of the cat barf with my bare feet!  Our cats have sensitive tummies and seem to throw up a lot but I have never seen anything like this before.  This is why we can’t have any carpet in our house.  Somebody is usually sick and throwing up, much more so than our other two cats ever did.  Any other pet owners out there have got to laugh at this post because cats are renowned for this!  No one is ill, just a day in the life of a cat owner!!  I think I’ll save you all from pictures of this one….just use your imagination!!LOL

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