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Deer Buffet…

5 Nov

This weekend was so beautiful and warm so fall planting was on the schedule for first thing Saturday morning.  I had wanted to get a jump on things so I went to Home Depot on Friday night to get all the plants and soil.  Friday night is a perfect time to go – no one is there, and I knew Saturday morning would be chaos.  I selected beautiful flowering kale with matching purple and pink pansies to plant together in my planters and in the annual beds.  Saturday morning I’m all set to plant and I get the tools out, go around to the front flower beds and find that my beautiful pansies that were just bursting in vibrant blooms are all GONE!  Not one blasted bloom in sight.  The deer foiled my fall planting and chose to graze on the pansies.  They didn’t care for the kale!  I had four flats of pansies full of blooms and there was nothing left.  So I picked out the ones that at least still had a few leaves on them and planted them.  I don’t know if they’ll come back or not and I certainly don’t know what color they are.  The ones that were eaten down to basically no leaves I just am leaving out for the deer to keep snacking on.  Maybe it will keep them away from the poor remnants that I am trying to revive!  I don’t know if any of that spray deer repellant works on plants or not…anyway maybe they’ll eventually bloom, otherwise I’ll have just kale in the annual beds!

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