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Natural Christmas Decorations for the Front Entry

18 Dec

I have continued my battle with the deer and the flowerbeds but it is now time for me to concede – they have won!  I planted the front beds then the flower bed by the street and they have eaten everything.  I give up!  My husband found this product called ‘Deer Off’ that we are going to try, but at this point I’m delaying that experiment until spring planting.  I have spent all the money I’m going to on bedding plants only to have it end up as deer food.  The ‘Deer Off’ is supposedly what the neighborhood uses because their flowers are never touched at the entry way or at the clubhouse – they just come over to our yard to eat.  It is not harmful to the deer at all; it just gives off a scent that is not appealing.  Lesson learned, deer are very prevalent here and you can’t set out plants without some deterrent.  Today I cleaned out the last vestiges of pansies and kale and reluctantly covered the beds over with bark.  With company coming in Thursday for Christmas however, I did not want the front entry looking so sparse with no plants.  I decided to fill my planters with fresh-cut greenery from the yard (a mix of holly, juniper and berries) and spray painted pinecones silver and gold.  I arranged the greenery then interspersed it with the painted pinecones.  At least I have something that looks festive now and the deer should leave this alone!

Front Door Christmas GreeneryFront Door Christmas Greenery Closeup

A beautiful spring morning…

25 Mar

This Spring, even though it has come early and has arrived much warmer than usual, is just splendid in color.  When I packed our existing house in preparation to move into the basement I packed all my warm weather clothes thinking I wouldn’t need them until April or May when we moved upstairs.  Seriously we usually are very cold and even still have snow flurries in March.  Not this year.  Nonetheless I’ve finally been able to take a little bit of leisure time and have been outside walking and enjoying how beautiful our springtime blooms are.  One benefit to buying a 20-year-old house is the established landscaping.  We are surprised every day at what is blooming.  The azaleas shown here are just gorgeous and more are budding are will still bloom later.  There is more landscape work to do but we surely are enjoying what is already here!

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